About us

In 1996 the young pensioners Johannes Klein and his wife Johanna Schreuder bought some 20,000 sq meters of neglected orange groves, designed a house and built it on the land.

about1Johannes then designed the layout of the garden and Johanna selected appropriate trees and shrubs.

The garden was then connected to the agricultural water distribution system.

Once this was completed the historic “bancales” were repaired, dead fruit trees removed, the land ploughed and some 800 meters of garden path laid.


At this point the neighbours began to wonder if a new airport was underway!


During the next 4 years 400 rose bushes, 100 palm trees, 60 ficus elastica trees, 400 cypresses, 1000 privet bushes and much more is planted.

Thanks to sufficient water and the benign climate all the plants grew very quickly and in 2002 the first sculpture was found a suitable place in the still immature but already beautiful garden.

Johannes and Johanna then decided that they did not want to keep the garden just for themselves, but wanted others to be able to share its beauty so they founded the Fundación Klein-Schreuder de la Communicidad Valencia in 2003.


This foundation became the owner of the premises, thus ensuring  that the garden is saved for future generations.At the end of 2003 the garden opened for the public.

Since that time more sculptures have been bought, always with man and/or animal as the subject. The selection is based on the idea that art does not need an explanation. Man and animal have sufficient scope as a subject.

Many exhibitions have followed, mainly by promising artists. The garden also lends itself as a venue for concerts, weddings and even for open air classical ballet.

In the garden you can also see sculptures by Johanna Klein-Schreuder. Here you can download a presentation of Johanna and her work:

Geeske Johanna Klein-Schreuder (PDF)

Johannes and Johanna Klein-Schreuder.

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