Garden Inventory

Our visitors are often interested in botanical information about our large collection of beautiful trees and shrubs. Below is our complete garden inventory with all Latin as well as English names as far as known to us. The quantity of each species is also indicated.

It should be noted that the inventory is a snapshot at the time of publication. Plants can die and new ones can be added. At this time you can find 220 different species and 3400 individual plants in the garden. From time to time, we review the inventory on this page.


To help you find your way to the plants that interest you, we have divided the garden into different areas as shown in the map. The inventory list shows you in which location a species can be found.

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Using the list

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  • Using the search field at the top left of the list, you can search and filter the inventory for any text; see example below:

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LocationLatin NameEnglish NameQuantity
Acacia LaneAcacia dealbataSilver Wattle, Mimosa1
Acacia LaneAcer negundo1
Acacia LaneAcer pseudoplatanus1
Acacia LaneBauhinia sspOrchid tree1
Acacia LaneBougainvillea glabra6
Acacia LaneCampsis radicans1
Acacia LaneCupressus sempervirus400
Acacia LaneDatura brugmansii8
Acacia LaneFicus australis1
Acacia LaneFicus benjamini1
Acacia LaneGleditsia triacanthosHoney locust1
Acacia LaneIris latifolia200
Acacia LaneJacaranda mimosifolia10
Acacia LaneLavandula angustifolia20
Acacia LaneLeucaena leucocephala1
Acacia LaneMorus negra1
Acacia LaneOdontonema strictumMexican firespike1
Acacia LaneParkinsonia aculeataJerusalem thorn2
Acacia LanePassiflora incarnataMaypop2
Acacia LanePittosporum tobira19
Acacia LanePrunus dulcis2
Acacia LaneRobinia pseudoacacia1
Acacia LaneSchinus molle2
Acacia LaneSenecio mikanioides1
Acacia LaneSolanum jasminoides1
Acacia LaneThunbergia grandiflora1
Acacia LaneTipuana tipuRosewood tree2
Acacia LaneVitis vinifera1
Acacia LaneWashingtonia filifera1
ArboretumAbutilon grandiflorum7
ArboretumAcanthus mollis8
ArboretumAgapanthus africanaAfrican lily40
ArboretumAlbizia julibrissinSilk tree1
ArboretumAnnona cherimola3
ArboretumAralia arbórea1
ArboretumAralia arborea3
ArboretumAraucaria heterophylla3
ArboretumBougainvillea glabra5
ArboretumBrachychiton acerifoliaFlame kurrayong2
ArboretumBrachychiton populneus2
ArboretumBuddleia davidii2
ArboretumCapparis spinosaCaper1
ArboretumCapsicum annuum10
ArboretumCasuarina equisetifoliaAustralian pine tree1
ArboretumCatalpa speciosaNorthern catalpa1
ArboretumCedrus deodara pendula1
ArboretumCeltis australisEuropean hackberry2
ArboretumCeratonia siliqua1
ArboretumCercis siliquastrum1
ArboretumChorisia insignisSilk floss tree1
ArboretumChorisia speciosaWhite floss silk tree1
ArboretumCitrus aurantifolia2
ArboretumCitrus limonLemon0
ArboretumCitrus sinensisOrange31
ArboretumCrataegus monogynaCommon hawthorn1
ArboretumCupressus glauca1
ArboretumCupressus sempervirens11
ArboretumCupressus sempervirens1
ArboretumCydonia oblonga1
ArboretumDatura brugmansii2
ArboretumDodonea viscosa1
ArboretumDombeya cayeuxiiPink ball tree1
ArboretumElaeagnus acerifolia1
ArboretumErythrina caffra1
ArboretumEuonymus fortunei7
ArboretumFicus australis1
ArboretumFicus australis1
ArboretumFicus binnendijkiii amstel gold1
ArboretumFicus cyathistipulaAfrican fig tree2
ArboretumFicus nitida4
ArboretumFicus religiosaSacred fig1
ArboretumFraxinus angustofolia1
ArboretumFraxinus ornus1
ArboretumGinkgo biloba1
ArboretumGleditsia triacanthosHoney locust2
ArboretumGranado enano1
ArboretumHemerocallis lilioasphodelusDay lily120
ArboretumHibiscus indicus2
ArboretumHibiscus rosa-sinensis2
ArboretumHibiscus rosa-sinensis5
ArboretumHymenosporum flavum6
ArboretumJacaranda mimosifolia1
ArboretumJuglans regiaWalnut1
ArboretumJuniperus communisCommon juniper1
ArboretumJuniperus communis4
ArboretumJuniperus oxicedrusPrickly juniper1
ArboretumJuniperus thurifera1
ArboretumKolkwitzia amabilis1
ArboretumLagunaria patersonii2
ArboretumLaurel nobilis1
ArboretumLimoniastrum monopetalum1
ArboretumLiriodendron tulipifera1
ArboretumLonicera japonicaHoneysuckle1
ArboretumManilkara zapotaSapodilla fruit2
ArboretumMelaleuca nesophilaShowy honey mirtle4
ArboretumMelia azedarach1
ArboretumMetrosideros exelsus4
ArboretumMirtus communisCommon mirtle1
ArboretumMorus nigraMulberry2
ArboretumMorus alba2
ArboretumNandina domestica4
ArboretumNerium oleander2
ArboretumOdontonema speciosaFirespike2
ArboretumOlea europaea2
ArboretumOlea europaea2
ArboretumPassiflora incarnata1
ArboretumPaulowna tomentosaPrincess tree1
ArboretumPersea americanaAlligator pear3
ArboretumPhoenix canariensis1
ArboretumPhotinia serratifolia5
ArboretumPhytolacca dioicaOmbú2
ArboretumPinus sylvestris24
ArboretumPistacia terebinthus1
ArboretumPittosporum tobiraJapanse mock orange1
ArboretumPlatanus orientalis2
ArboretumPlatanus orientalisAmerican sycomore1
ArboretumPolygala myrtifolia10
ArboretumPolygala myrtifolia1
ArboretumPouteria lucuma1
ArboretumPrunus armeniaca1
ArboretumPrunus dulcis5
ArboretumPrunus dulcis4
ArboretumPrunus spinosa1
ArboretumPunicum granata6
ArboretumQuercus coccifera1
ArboretumQuercus faginea1
ArboretumQuercus ilexEvergreen oak1
ArboretumQuercus robur1
ArboretumRobinia pseudoacaciaBlack locust1
ArboretumSaccharum officinarum1
ArboretumSchefflera actinophylla1
ArboretumSolandra maxima5
ArboretumSophora japonica1
ArboretumSorbus domestica1
ArboretumTaxus baccataYew1
ArboretumTecoma stans2
ArboretumThevetia peruviana1
ArboretumThuja occidentalis3
ArboretumThuya aurea nana1
ArboretumTipuana tipuRosewood tree2
ArboretumUlmus glabra pendula1
ArboretumUlmus pumilaSiberian elm1
ArboretumUngnadia speciosa2
ArboretumUngnadia speciosa1
ArboretumViburnum durillo3
ArboretumViburnum lucidum6
ArboretumVitis viniferaGrape fruit16
ArboretumZiziphus jujubaJujuba frute2
Figure EightAlocasia macrorrhizaUpright elephant ears6
Figure EightAraucaria heterophylla1
Figure EightAsimina speciosaPawpaw1
Figure EightCallistemon viminalisBottlebrush1
Figure EightCapsicum annuum2
Figure EightCarissa macrocarpaLarge num num1
Figure EightCedrus deodara2
Figure EightChorisia speciosaWhite floss silk tree11
Figure EightCitrus sinensisOrange11
Figure EightCitrus limonLemon2
Figure EightCitrus maximaGrape fruit1
Figure EightCitrus reticulataMandarin2
Figure EightCupressus sempervirens11
Figure EightDaphne odoraWinter daphne4
Figure EightDiospyros kaki3
Figure EightDuranta erectaGolden dewdrop11
Figure EightErythrina caffra7
Figure EightErythrina crista-galliCockspur coral tree6
Figure EightFicus religiosaSacred fig8
Figure EightGrevillea jamesonii2
Figure EightHemerocallisDaylilly25
Figure EightHibiscus coccineusScarlet rose mallow2
Figure EightHymenosporum flavum5
Figure EightLagunaria patersonii4
Figure EightMagnoliaBull bay1
Figure EightMoringa oleifera1
Figure EightNerium oleander10
Figure EightPimelia ferrugineaRice flower1
Figure EightPrunus dulcisAlmond3
Figure EightPyracantha coccinea6
Figure EightQuercus macrocarpaBur oak1
Figure EightRuellia brittonianaMexican petunia7
Figure EightThevetia peruvianaYellow oleander1
Figure EightUngnadia speciosaMexican buckeye2
Figure EightViburnum lucidum1
Figure EightWestringia fructicosa6
Palm GardenAbutilon grandiflorius1
Palm GardenAdelfa enana1
Palm GardenAralia arborea2
Palm GardenAraucaria heterophyllaNorfolk island pine1
Palm GardenBauhinia fortificata1
Palm GardenChamaerops humilis5
Palm GardenCupressos sempervirens7
Palm GardenCycas revolutaValse Sago palm4
Palm GardenDuranta erectaGolden dewdrop2
Palm GardenDypsis decaryiTriangle palm1
Palm GardenEriobotrya japonicaLoquat3
Palm GardenFicus caricaCommon fig5
Palm GardenGrevillea banksiiRed silky oak1
Palm GardenHibiscus enana1
Palm GardenHowea forsterianaKentia palm1
Palm GardenLeonotis leonurus1
Palm GardenMelia azedarachPride of india1
Palm GardenMorus nigraMulberry4
Palm GardenOlea europaeaOlive5
Palm GardenPhoenix canariensis49
Palm GardenPhoenix dactilifera32
Palm GardenPhoenix roebeliniiMiniature date palm1
Palm GardenPistacia lentiscus2
Palm GardenPolygala myrtifolia1
Palm GardenPrunus dulcisAlmond 3
Palm GardenPunica granatum1
Palm GardenSenecio petasitisVelvet groudsel1
Palm GardenTrachycarpus fortuneiWindmillpalm2
Palm GardenWashingtonia filiferaCalifornia fan palm33
Palm GardenYucca gloriosaAdam´s needle9
Theatre PergolaAbutilon strictumChinese lantern1
Theatre PergolaAmphilophium laxiflorum1
Theatre PergolaBignonia capensis1
Theatre PergolaBignonia jasminoides3
Theatre PergolaCampsis radicans4
Theatre PergolaCercis siliquastrum1
Theatre PergolaCitrus sinensisOrange6
Theatre PergolaClerodendrum speciosum1
Theatre PergolaCupressus sempervirus26
Theatre PergolaDodonea viscosa1
Theatre PergolaDuranta erectaGolden dewdrop1
Theatre PergolaEscallonia rubra1
Theatre PergolaFicus pumilaCreeping fig1
Theatre PergolaHardenbergia violaceaPurple coral pee1
Theatre PergolaHibiscus indicus1
Theatre PergolaJasminum azoricumLemon scented Jasmine1
Theatre PergolaJasminum mesnyi1
Theatre PergolaJasminum officinaleCommon jasmine2
Theatre PergolaJasminum sambac3
Theatre PergolaLavandula angustifolia8
Theatre PergolaLigustrum vulgare1200
Theatre PergolaMorus negra y alba57
Theatre PergolaMurraya paniculata1
Theatre PergolaPhoenix canariensis1
Theatre PergolaPrunus dulcis6
Theatre PergolaPyracantha coccinea2
Theatre PergolaPyrostegia venusta3
Theatre PergolaQuisqualis indica1
Theatre PergolaRosal trepadora2
Theatre PergolaRuellia brittoniana8
Theatre PergolaRusselia equisetiformisFirecracker plant4
Theatre PergolaSolanum rantonetti2
Theatre PergolaStreptosolen jamesoniiMarmalade bush5
Theatre PergolaTamarix gallica17
Theatre PergolaTecoma stans1
Theatre PergolaThunbergia grandiflora1
Theatre PergolaWashingtonia filifera1
Private GardenAgave attenuata10
Private GardenAloe perfoliata1
Private GardenAralia arborea1
Private GardenAsclepia curassavicaBlood flower0
Private GardenBeaucarnea recarnata1
Private GardenBerberis thunbergii1
Private GardenBrachychiton acerifoliaFlame kurrayong1
Private GardenCactaceaeCactus5
Private GardenCaesalpina gilliesiBird of paradise2
Private GardenCallistemon viminalisBottlebrush2
Private GardenCycas revolutaValse Sago palm1
Private GardenDodonea viscosa2
Private GardenDombeya cayeuxiiPink ball tree2
Private GardenDuranta erectaGolden dewdrop6
Private GardenElaeagnus acerifolia1
Private GardenErythrina crista-galliCockspur coral tree1
Private GardenFicus benjamini2
Private GardenFicus cyastistipulaAfrican fig tree5
Private GardenHedera helix20
Private GardenHemerocallis fulvaDay lillie10
Private GardenHibiscus indicus3
Private GardenJasminum officinale2
Private GardenLagunaria patersonii1
Private GardenLantana camara2
Private GardenLaurel nobilis1
Private GardenLavandula angustifolia1
Private GardenLimoniastrum monopetalum1
Private GardenMelaleuca nesophilaShowy honey mirtle1
Private GardenMisopates orontiumSnapdragon4
Private GardenNerium oleander2
Private GardenNerium oleander nana7
Private GardenPhoenix canariensis1
Private GardenPhoenix dactilifera2
Private GardenPolygala myrtifolia3
Private GardenPyracantha coccineaFirethorn2
Private GardenRusselia equisetiformisFirecrackerplant2
Private GardenSenna corymbosaArgentine senna1
Private GardenSolanum rantonnetii2
Private GardenTaxus baccataEuropean yew1
Private GardenViburnum lucidum2
RosariumAbelia grandiflora1
RosariumBougainvillea glabra13
RosariumCallistemon ruguloso5
RosariumCallistemon viminalisBottlebrush4
RosariumCycas revolutaValse Sago palm3
RosariumDuranta erectaGolden dewdrop2
RosariumFicus australis1
RosariumFicus elastica2
RosariumGrevillea banksii1
RosariumHibiscus rosa-sinensis7
RosariumHibiscus syriacus11
RosariumHyacinthus de agua10
RosariumIris pseudacorus10
RosariumJazminum polyanthus4
RosariumLagunaria patersoniiNorfolk island hibiscus2
RosariumLantana camara1
RosariumLimoniastrum monopetalum1
RosariumMetrosideros excelsa1
RosariumOdontonema strictumFirespike1
RosariumOlea europaea1
RosariumPrunus dulcisAlmond4
RosariumSpathodea campanulataFlame of the forest1
RosariumViburnum tinus1
RosariumVitis vinifera30
RosariumWashingtonia filifera1


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